New Zealand NHI IG
1.4.1 - Release

New Zealand NHI IG - Local Development build (v1.4.1) built by the FHIR (HL7® FHIR® Standard) Build Tools. See the Directory of published versions


A FHIR API in front of the New Zealand NHI

Resource Level Interactions

read GET [base]/Patient/[nhi-id] Retrieve a Patient resource by Id system/Patient.r
match POST [base]/Patient/$Match /**$Match (Find NHI)** with In parameter onlyCertainMatches: 0 (False) An operation to search the NHI by demographics using fuzzy logic. Returns a bundle of results with match scores. **HTTP Request** 'POST'. **Scope required:** patient:search / Patient.s. **$Match (Validate)** with In parameter onlyCertainMatches: 1 (True) An operation to validate known patient demographic details against an NHI number. Returns a bundle of results with one patient resource that only includes the live nhi-id system/Patient.v
set-preferred-name POST [base]/Patient/$set-preferred-name Set the patient's preferred name system/Patient.u
set-address POST [base]/Patient/$set-address Update a patient's address system/Patient.u
set-unvalidated-address POST [base]/Patient/$set-unvalidated-address Allows a user to replace a physical address OR add or replace a postal address with an unvalidated address system/Patient.u
remove-postal-address POST [base]/Patient/$remove-postal-address Remove a patient's postal address system/Patient.u
update-birth POST [base]/Patient/$update-birth Update a patient's birth information system/Patient.u
update-identity POST [base]/Patient/$update-identity An operation to update a patient's identity details. system/Patient.u
add-name POST [base]/Patient/$add-name Add a name to a patient's NHI record system/Patient.u
replace-name POST [base]/Patient/$replace-name An operation to replace a name on a patient's record system/Patient.u
inactivate-name POST [base]/Patient/$inactivate-name Inactivate a name that is currently active on a patients record system/Patient.u
update-eligibility POST [base]/Patient/$update-eligibility Update a patient's citizenship information system/Patient.u
create POST [base]/Patient/$create Create a new patient record in the NHI system/Patient.c