New Zealand NHI IG
1.4.1 - Release

New Zealand NHI IG - Local Development build (v1.4.1) built by the FHIR (HL7® FHIR® Standard) Build Tools. See the Directory of published versions

Update Identity

Update Identity Overview

The update identity operation allow an authorised user to update the self-identified attributes on a persons identity record.

This includes:

  • Gender
  • Ethnicity
  • Pronoun - future scope
  • Language - future scope
  • Iwi affiliation - future scope
$update-identityIntegrating application userIntegrating application userIntegrating applicationIntegrating application<FHIR API> NHI<FHIR API> NHINHI MDMNHI MDMProvide patient details to beupdatedPOST<Endpoint>/Patient/$update-identityValidate[]RequestReturn updated PatientrecordDisplay updated patientdetails to user

Update-identity - Processing steps:

  1. The user provides patient details to be updated
  2. The integrating application sends an HTTP Post request using the $update-identity operation to the NHI E.g. Post<Endpoint>/Patient/$update-identity
  3. The request is validated - ALT: Validation failure. Operation Outcome resource returned
  4. The provided patient attributes are updated
  5. The updated record is returned with an HTTP 200 ok response
  6. The integrating application displays the updated details to the user

Update-identity - In Parameters

Parameter name Parameter type Mandatory / Optional Description
nhi valueString Mandatory The patients nhi number
version-id valueString Mandatory The current patient version number
gender valueString Optional The patients gender code
gender-original-text valueString Optional The gender text response provided by the patient
ethnicity-1 valueString Optional The patients ethnicity
up to six
ethnicity-2 valueString Optional The patients ethnicity
up to six
ethnicity-3 valueString Optional The patients ethnicity
up to six
populted in ascending order
ethnicity-4 valueString Optional The patients ethnicity
ethnicity-5 valueString Optional The patients ethnicity
ethnicity-6 valueString Optional The patients ethnicity

Update-identity - Behaviour

  • The NHI is validated
  • The Patient version-id is validated
  • The parameters are validated
  • If all request parameters are valid, the attributes are updated on the NHI.

Update-identity - Example request

  "resourceType": "Parameters",
  "id": "example",
  "parameter": [
        "name" : "nhi",
        "valueString" : "ZGD9203"
        "name" : "version-id",
        "valueString" : "3321540"
        "name" : "gender",
        "valueString" : "female"
        "name" : "gender-original-text",
        "valueString" : "wahine"
        "name" : "ethnicity-1",
        "valueString" : "21111"
        "name" : "ethnicity-2",
        "valueString" : "12113"
        "name" : "ethnicity-3",
        "valueString" : "12116"
        "name" : "ethnicity-4",
        "valueString" : "12411"
        "name" : "ethnicity-5",
        "valueString" : "12913"
        "name" : "ethnicity-6",
        "valueString" : "12114"

Update-identity - Rules and errors

For Request rules and errors click here

Patient update-identity rules
  • An update request must contain:
    • the live NHI number for the Patient Record
    • the version number of the current Patient Record
  • An update request must not delete/inactivate mandatory information.
  • An update request may:
    • Populate the request parameter with the required value(s) to modify the existing NHI value for that parameter
    • Not populate the request parameter to retain the existing NHI value for that parameter
Update-identity Gender rules
Update-identity Ethnicity rules

  • Patient update-identity errors
    • Patient NHI and version number are required
    • Version number is incorrect
    • A Patient must have at least one valid ethnicity code, only one instance of each selected ethnicity, and no more than one ‘unspecified’ ethnicity code